First Agent Wins:  When Seconds Can Make the Sale!

Now, the First Agent Wins!
Time to let your top producing agents, available agents get access to the newest leads first!  No more round-robin! Don't let hot leads go cold!

Minimize "Cherry Picking!"
You customize how much information about the lead is provided to your agents! Each team can get different levels of detail!

Create Teams & Set Timing!

You can decide how many teams of agents to create! You decide the delay time in notifying the next team!

Competition is King!
With this 100% automatic lead notification process, your agents know to snag the lead quick if they want it!  The  hungry & available will win!

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Take Working Leads to the Next Level!

With our "First Agent Wins" plug-in for Followup Boss

  • Automate the Lead Notification Process
  • STOP using Round Robin!
  • Bring competition back to your team
  • Minimize those "cherry pickers"
  • Don't let hot leads go cold waiting for an agent
  • Give your top producers first "dibs" to claim leads
  • Turn agents on and off as needed
  • Take control of who gets your leads!
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