First Agent Wins
First Agent Wins

A Follow-up Boss API Plug-in

Exclusively for use with "Followup Boss", this API Plug-in is designed as a Lead Notification System!

  • Agent Roster is pulled from your existing Followup Boss Account

  • Each Agent sets their own notifiication preferences

  • Team Leader can turn agents on or off from receiving leads

  • Team Leader determines how many "Groups" will be created (up to 10 groups of agents)

  • Team Leader determines the delay time between each group's notification of a new lead

  • Team Leader sets the maximum number of leads an agent can claim in a certain period

  • Team Leader dictates what information about each lead is provided to each group

  • Team Leader receives first notification to take action, if needed

  • Agents receive a short code via text and/or email to claim each lead

  • If lead is snagged, agent is routed to the FUB site.

  • If agent missed that lead, system will redirect the agent to a leads waiting page, if any leads are waiting

  • Team Leader receives notification when each lead is claimed



  • A simple designed robust notification system to minimize the wait time from when a lead is received to when available team members can claim the lead!
  • No more Round-Robin where an agent who is busy on an appointment receives a lead they cannot work with several other available team members are at the ready!
  • Team Leader ability to control the details of each lead that is received by agents to reduce "cherry picking", if desired!
  • By creating multiple groups, the Team Leader can make sure the top producing agents who are working the company wide expectation for lead followup get first access to the newest leads!
  • Agents can easily be moved from one group to the next based on performance.
  • If the Team Leader does not take action in a predetermined time, the system sends the lead out to the first group!
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